A focus on the rich culinary traditions of Sicily and southern Italy is what sets CACi (KAW-chee) apart from other local Italian restaurants. Sicily’s traditions and culture predate ancient Rome and reflect a broad influx of Mediterranean cultures.Sicilian cuisine blends natural ingredients grown from the volcanic soils of Mount Edna and harvested from the Mediterranean Sea. Similarly, at CACi, we use all-natural ingredients in our meals, our sauces, our pastas, and doughs, bringing an eruption of flavor to this classic Sicilian culinary experience. Our entrees are complemented by a broad selection of Italian wines to meet every palate's tastes.


For many years, Rembrandts has been Eagle’s downtown neighborhood restaurant. Striving to create community within this historic landmark, Rembrandts' baristas, servers, and staff treat our customers like family, learning your favorite meals and beverages by heart. A breakfast and lunch destination, we provide the space for good conversation and outstanding food and beverages. Our charming interior dining space and our relaxing patio open during warmer weathermake Rembrandts a true community place to gather. Enjoy a meal with colleagues and friends, or treat yourself to a bit of relaxation over an espresso, mimosa, or glass of wine. We serve breakfast all day, with lunch options from 11 am to 3 pm, and we host private events and weddings in the evenings. You are invited to be part of our community at Rembrandts.