Start With Our House-Made Focaccia + Olio Santo | $2


Sicilian Polpette

grilled meatballs, pine nuts, ricotta, nonna sauce (n)



roasted tomato, parmesan, balsamic reduction, chives



fried risotto balls filled with mozzarella cheese, calabrese and basil pesto with nonna sauce


Peaches + Goat

fresh peaches, rocket, goat cheese mousse, balsamic reduction, poppy seed crackers


Calabrian + Clams

garlic, lemon, calabrian chili, crostini


Grilled Octopus

octopus, sun chokes, rocket, pickled shallots, Italian salsa verde


Salumi Board

cured meats, cheeses, accompaniments (n)


Pork Belly Lettuce Wraps

roasted pork belly, peach chutney, calabrian pepper


Insalata e Zuppa


mixed greens, celery hearts, radishes, croutons, primitivo vinaigrette


Goat + Beet

mixed greens, salt roasted beets, goat cheese mousse, lemon poppy seed vinaigrette



romaine heart, pine nuts, pickled bell peppers, parmesan frico (n)


Chicken Tuscan Kale

wood-fired chicken, sautéed tuscan kale, olio santo, barley, crispy sun chokes, parmesan, calabrian chili



Butter & Bleu

butter leaf, gorgonzola, creamy pistachio dressing, peaches, shrimp or flat Iron steak (n)


Peach + Walnut

frisee, rocket, gorgonzola, candied walnuts, balsamic reduction (n)


Tuscan Potato

potato, spiced Italian sausage, spinach




Grilled Chicken $4 | 4 oz Flat iron Steak $5 | Shrimp $2 | Meatballs $4 |Italian Sausage $4 | Scallop $4


Short Rib Bolognese

pappardelle, espresso rubbed short rib


Cacio Pepe

spaghetti, parmesan, peppercorn blend


Ragu Alla Calabrese

fettuccini, spiced wild boar ragu, shaved parmesan


Spaghetti + Polpette

spaghetti, nonna sauce, meatballs (n)


Gnocchi Alla Primavera

basil pesto, roasted tomato, artichokes, asparagus, parmesan cheese


Shrimp & Clams

fettuccini, lemon caper butter, parsley



italian sausage, bell peppers, topped with rocket salad and pickled shallots


Crab Mezzeluna

ravioli stuffed with crab + spinach, ricotta, saffron lemon sauce, asparagus, tomato & parmesan



Sword Fish

grilled sword fish, sicilian caponata, roasted brussel sprouts


Hagerman Trout

seared hagerman rainbow trout, grilled asparagus, roasted rosemary potatoes, lemon caper butter


Coffee Crusted Lamb Chop

coffee crusted lamb lollipops, roasted tomato & mushroom polenta, grilled asparagus


Seared Scallops

black garlic sauce, roasted cauliflower, brussels sprouts, roasted rainbow carrots



Pork Belly

roasted tomato & mushroom polenta, braised fennel, fennel frisee salad, pomegranate agrodolce


Wood-Roasted Game Hen

cornish game hen, calabrian chili butter, roasted rosemary potatoes, warm roasted cauliflower + brussels sprouts


Wagyu Beef Cheeks

wagyu beef cheeks, parsnip purée, spiced honey roasted rainbow carrots



Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions, Idaho Food Code Advisory 3-700.02 Please advise server of any allergies. (n) Contains nuts